You need to make sure that you are taking care of your heating system!

Boilermag-Magnetic-water-filter-system-2Just like in your car replacing the engine oil including the oil filter is essential, central heating system water needs close attention in order to keep it in top condition. Modern condensing boilers have very sensitive heat exchanger and designed to run with a clean water-heating system. Installing a Magnetic Filter is the first step...

 Sludge and debris builds up in heating systems over time and will damage a boiler and its components, causing failures which can significantly reduce overall heating efficiency. To help maintain clean system water Magnectic Filters are used. They are really help to maximise efficiency and performance. 


Heating systems rust from the inside

Most people don’t realise but the inside of radiators are not stainless steel, so they get rusty. The rust builds up in the radiators and pipes, and also in the boiler.


The rust damages the boiler and makes it less efficient.

Rust and sludge clog up the heat exchanger so that the boiler gets less efficient and it damages the boiler’s pump and internal parts. This can lead to the boiler cycling on and off, which you will notice as your shower goes hot and cold. Also your gas bill can be very expensive because the boiler is so inefficient. You can easily end up pumping most of the heat outside trough the boilers exhaust.


The rust also damages the radiators.

The rusty water is also highly acidic so it dissolves the seals in the boiler and radiators, leading to leaks and drips. Often, so much rust builds up inside the radiators that whole sections of the radiators are completely blocked. If you feel the radiator, you notice that only the top of it gets warm, while the bottom stays cold.


Look at these pictures to have an idea whats going on in your heating system internally:

Vent pipe blocked with Sludge
cold water tank cambridge
sludge cambridge
leaking radiator valve cambridge

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