We are Your Local Plumbers. We undertake most plumbing jobs around your property...

Everything you need, in one place.

Are you looking for a reliable local plumbing company?  Tired of  calling around  plumbers and finding nothing? Individual plumbers have a tendency of not answering the phone most of the time and when they do all you can here is excuses. When you most need them they are usually on holiday or very busy for weeks. In contrast we offering a fast and reliable service. We work on Saturdays as well.

From replacing a tap washer, fitting a new shower pump, fixing a cold water storage tank in your roof space or fitting the latest high efficiency boiler we do it all. Having a dedicated team of qualified engineers you can be assured that we get to you on time. Whether you need a quick repair, or you’re upgrading your household appliances, we are here to give you a first class service.

Toilet installation and repair

Bathroom, sink and garden taps

Cold water storage tanks – Hot water cylinders

Waste pipe and soil pipe and overflow installation, repair

Gas Hob and Cooker installation and repair

Leaks - Repair and Maintenance

Macerator pumps – Shower pumps

Circulating pumps – Radiators and pipework

Electric and Power showers

Basin and sink tap change and repair

Plumbing FAQ


Just moved in, can't find the internal stop cock!

Well, it is usually located under the sink or next to the water meter. Sometimes the stop cock is covered by furniture or has been built around over the years. Generally look close to an external wall on the ground floor.


Do you do kitchen sink installations?

Yes, we undertake all aspects of plumbing works including sinks and bath taps etc...


Do you recommend using mould resistant silicone around the bath edges?

Yes, we always use mould resistant silicon. It really works...


Do you fix immersion heaters?

Yes, we can diagnose faults with immersion heaters and supply and install new one if needed.


Are you able to replace external stop cock?

Yes, we provide all works related to main water.


Do you service un-vented hot water cylinders?

Yes, in fact we recommend to get yours serviced annually.