Want to know a bit more about central heating? Here you can read some basic information on different central heating systems.

combination boilers

Combination boilers

Combination boilers (known as combi boilers) are fast becoming the number one choice for homeowners in and around Cambridge. They represent low maintenance cost and deliver instant hot water. See our page on combi vs conventional for the pros and cons

unvented cylinder

Unvented cylinders

Unvented cylinders supply mains water pressure throughout the whole house and eliminate the need for cold-water tanks in the loft. They require a high flow of the mains water to work to their full potential, so good mains water pressure is essential. It can be very difficult and sometimes even impossible to achieve in Cambridge do to the mains water system being undersized.

conventional boiler

Conventional / Regular boiler:

Conventional boilers are the traditional systems that have been around for years. They work alongside a cold-water tank in the loft and a hot water cylinder. They have a feed & expansion tank in the loft along with a open vent pipe, making the system open to the atmosphere. If you want to have a decent shower on the first floor you most likely have to install a Shower Booster Pump to increase the pressure at the hot water outlet.


system boiler

System Boilers

System boilers are probably the best solution when used with an unvented hot water cylinder. Suitable for all types of properties as there is no need for the installation of tanks in the loft space. However they are the most economical when installed in a larger property where hot water has to travel far from the cylinder to the outlets.